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The No Frills Foodmarket Story

No Frills Foodmarket is the ‘open to the Public’ division of Tasfresh Foodservice and is 100% Tasmanian owned family company. The company operates statewide with four No Frills Foodmarket locations & five wholesale warehouses spread across the state. No Frills Foodmarket / Tasfresh is one of Tasmania’s largest food wholesalers.

No Frills Foodmarket has become a success by offering our customers the opportunity to save money on your weekly food bill. This combined with the opportunity to buy products you just can’t get anywhere else forms a big part of the attraction to shop at No Frills Foodmarket.  But the best part is that you can feel good that while you are saving money you are also supporting a locally owned business employing locals and supporting local families.

The company started in 1974 with just 2 employees and has grown to currently employ over 180 Tasmanians. The first two employees were company founders Bruce & Judy Frith. The Friths still own the company and both still work in the Business to this day.


The foodmarket business began life in a shed located in Somerset operated by founders Bruce & Judy Frith, trading as B&J Bulk Frozen Foods.


After growing quickly the business was moved to larger premises on the east side of the cam river at Camdale now employing 4 staff and trading as Bulk Frozen Foods


New larger premises were built from scratch at 385 bass High way Camdale (still the current location of the Camdale foodmarket). The business now employ 10 staff.


The direct to the public section of Bulk Frozen Foods was after further strong growth and in order to ensure we continued to offer our customers A1 service. Separated from the wholesale operations and named ‘Countrywide Foodmarket’.


To meet increasing demand from "out of area" customers a new premise was built at 40 Formby road Devonport where a second ‘Countrywide Foodmarket’ store was opened (still the current location of the Devonport store). The business now employed 25 staff across the 2 sites.


Bulk Frozen Foods purchased a competing business named ‘State-wide cash & carry foodservice’ along with their outlet direct to the public ‘Goody’s Foodmarkets ’located in Launceston and Hobart. The company doubled in size overnight.


The foodmarkets located in Hobart & Launceston were rebranded to ‘No Frills Foodmarket’.


The 2 original north-west stores were re branded as ‘No Frills Foodmarket’ in line with the stores located in Launceston & Hobart.


Operating 4 foodmarkets servicing many thousands of customers every week, The company proudly employs in excess of 180 Tasmanians

A wholesaler of frozen, chilled and ambient manufactured and packaged food products, Tasfresh Foodservice uses its extensive distribution network to provide multiple deliveries per week.

Tasfresh Fresh & Specialty Foods is a wholesaler of fresh produce and meat and maintain relationships with growers and marketers around Australia to ensure that, ‘if it grows we can get it’.

Robbies Distribution is a wholesaler of confectionery, snack foods, beverages, packaging and cleaning supplies.

Brand Evolution

Bulk Frozen Foods


No Frills Foodmarket